PT Nusantara Water Centre (NWC)

Laweung, Aceh Province

Water supply system rehabilitation

Laweung intake
Intake rehabilitation in Laweung.

Laweung steel WTP.
The steel WTP, restored by NWC.

NWC constructed this retaining wall
and reservoir, from which water
was redistributed to residents.

HDPE piping in Laweung
NWC laid 6km of HDPE piping.
CHALLENGE. Laweung is a small village on the northeastern coast of Aceh province that suffered extensive damage from the tsunami of 2004. Among its problems was a decrepit water treatment facility. Residents were forced to obtain water for drinking, bathing and sanitation directly from the local river.

SOLUTION. Contracting with the German disaster relief agency Technisches Hilfswerk (THW), NWC performed a comprehensive rehabilitation of the water supply system. This included restoration of the following:

  • the water intake structure at the river
  • the existing water treatment plant
  • the redistribution reservoir
  • mechanical and electrical systems, including control systems, pumps and 6 km of piping

RESULT. The contract was completed within budget and on time. Laweung villagers now have access to clean water from a water treatment plant operating at a capacity of 20 l/s.

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