PT Nusantara Water Centre (NWC)

Meulaboh, Aceh Province

Tsunami relief: water supply restoration

CHALLENGE. Meulaboh, the largest city on Aceh province's west coast, was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami of December 2004. Approximately 30% of the population in Meulaboh and the surroundings lost their lives. The nearby water treatment plant at Lapang, on which the residents of Meulaboh depended for clean water, sustained severe damage and was inoperative.

SOLUTION. Under contract with SAB/SAS, a Dutch development NGO, NWC rebuilt and improved the Lapang water treatment plant, which serves the Meulaboh region. The work involved rebuilding the physical plant structure, building and installing a new electrical control system, and rehabilitating the pump and piping systems.

RESULT. As Meulaboh recovers from the tsunami damage it sustained, NWC continues to work to expand access to clean water for the approximately 100,000 residents of the region.

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