PT Nusantara Water Centre (NWC)

Nias, North Sumatra Province

Water treatment plant construction

Nias intake
River rapids at the construction
site for the intake in Nias.

A retaining wall protects the
intake from the river rapids.

Steel WTP
The NWC-constructed steel WTP.

Completed intake
The completed intake structure.
CHALLENGE. The North Sumatran island of Nias was heavily damaged by large earthquakes in 2004 and 2005. In the interior highlands of Idanoi, a primary water source for the central region, frequent flash flooding posed safety hazards and led to high turbidity in the water. An existing water treatment plant in the area was inoperative.

SOLUTION. SAB-SAS, a Dutch consortium of water development organizations, contracted NWC to construct a new steel water treatment plant to supply drinking water to Gunung Sitoli, the coastal capital of Nias. The work demanded the following:

  • steel WTP construction due to material and logistical constraints
  • construction of 2 x 10 l/s WTP units, assembled on site
  • construction of a river intake in hazardous rapids

RESULT. Construction of the WTP and intake system was completed safely, within budget and on schedule. Residents of Gunung Sitoli gained access to a safe and stable source of clean water.

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