PT Nusantara Water Centre (NWC)


Small facility
A rehabilitated chemical storage
building for a WTP in Laweung.

Large WWTP facility in Malang.

Water treatment piping system.

Steel WTP
A steel WTP on Nias.

Steel WTP
An earthquake-reinforced
reservoir foundation in Seunudon.
A robust, high-quality infrastructure is crucial to the reliable operation of a water system. Nusantara Water Centre provides a wide range of construction services, which keep water projects on solid footing from the outset.

  • Water/wastewater treatment plant housing and ancillary buildings provide the groundwork for a stable water treatment infrastructure.
  • Leaktight basins are essential to channeling fluid flow without leaks into soil or groundwater.
  • Specially shaped concrete structures meet special engineering requirements for water treatment system components.
  • Pumps and piping systems ensure the unimpeded flow and control of water through the treatment process.
  • Electrical control systems optimize operations and maximize efficiency.

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